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Breakfast Menu

Available from 9:30am to 1:302pm

Baked Filled Croissant €4.50
Filled with smoked applewood & sliced ham.

Crockaughrim Stack €7.95
Italian ciabatta, Crispy bacon, Fried free range egg & smoked applewood cheddar baked & served.

Nancy's Barn French Toast €7.50
Italian ciabatta served with crispy rasher and canadian buckwud maple syrup.

Full Irish Breakfast €8.95
2 Breakfast sausages, 2 rashers, crispy Italian bread, Grilled tomato, Beaans, Pudding, Free range fried egg, served with Shot of fresh orange juice, Hot beverage & Toast.

Small Irish Breakfast €6.50
1 Sausage, 1 Crispy rasher, Pot of beans, Free range fried egg, Toast served with freshly brewed tea or americano.

Hair of the Dog €7.50
Cooked Sausage, 1 Crispy rasher, Pot of beans, Free range fried egg, Barbeque sauce and Smoked applewood cheddar baked.





Omelette of Your Choice €8.50
Served with Homemade wheaten soda bread.
Please choose 3 fillings of your choice.
Add on any extra filling for €1.

Vegetarian Breakfast€8.95
Vegetarian sausage, Baked tomato, Baked beans, Buttered mushrooms, Crispy Italian bread, free range egg, Crispy waffle & Orange juice.

Free Range Scrambled/Poached Eggs €5.50
With freshly brewed tea & toast.

Add on any breakfast item €1
Butchers sausage, Bacon rasher, Grilled tomato, Free range egg, Heinz beans pot, Round of toast, Crumbled black pudding, Ramequin, Buttered button mushrooms.

Nancy's Barn Homemade Jumbo Sausage Roll €2

Breakfast Tea Scone €1.80 (Plain)

Irish Soldiers & Scrispy Italian Ciabatta Toast €5.50
2 Bolded free range eggs to your liking served with hot buttered Italian ciabatta toast.

Big Bowl of Creamy Porridge €4.50
Drizzled with maple syrup & Dusted cinnamon


For Table Reservations

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